Wedding in Greec, Santorini

                            Location Fira, Firostefani und Imerovigli.


Santorini breathtaking, charismatic, but romantic and everywhere you go, you feel an

unexplainable magic around you. A real paradise to dream to love and get married!

The writer Klaus Bötig wrote about Santorini, .. '' here is the antechamber of heaven"

.... and it is.... your marriage will be bound in heaven. 


We organize and coordinate everything personally. We meet each other after your arrival

and arrange the details. We do our best to fullfill all your ideas perfectly. You can also

select a variety of traditional programms on the spot and we do the implementation..

A wedding makes us happy and do it even more when the appropriate ambience

supports. It is important for couples who are going to marrie abroad to choose the right

location. Tradition is everything , therefore we recommend you our top location our favorite

island of Santorini.

Inspiration 2016.

Inspiratios 2015.

Our funniest, happiest "greek" wedding of the years....

Performenc:  Maria Varga

Photo:  Kostas Voulgarakis

..and our most charming wedding...

Performance:  Maria Varga

Phot:  Kristos Voulgarakis


     Basic Price:       980.-€ incl:


                        -    Confirmation of your wedding from the local Registry Office.

                        -    Personal consultant.

                        -    Marriage ceremony fee and licence.

                        -    Handling of all arrangements.

                        -    Wedding coordination on the weddig day.

                        -    Coordinator escorted on the wedding day.

                        -    Bridal bouquet and buttonhole for the Groom.

                        -    Greek wedding cake 8 Pers.

                        -    1 bottle greek wine

                        -    Marriage certificate translated in English.

                        Complimentary:  Welcome wedding gift, water on the wedding.


               Extra service and translation of documents, is not included in the price!


Initial consultation is free.

                   150.-€  Is subject to Payment


                          - Document list

                          - Location search und booking

                          - Cost calculation

                          - Your wedding day schedule

                          - Booking for extra services.

                          After fulfillment of the wedding resignation is not possible!

Previous recordings...

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