History of the Roses Ceremony...

The magic of roses is as old as the story of Adam and Eva. Eva's last wish was to take her favorite white rose from paradise. Since than, the white flowers are a symbol of virginity and since there are weddings, the bride's bouquet is decorated with white roses. The mythological "wedding of the Roses" was the first celebration of love. Although the ancient rituals have remained in the past, this is a modern celebration of love as current and popular than ever. My Roses ceremony is also a modern version. A romantic, nostalgic celebration.  A love letter to the partners in a festive way, before God and before us.

Wedding of Zeus & Hera

Roses and white lilies, since time immemorial, are not only the symbol of love and beauty, but also symbols of transformation. The natural people knew about neutralizing the negative qualities of Karma, and where love is, where the pure positive force is effective, there can't be no more suffering. Therefore, the roses were at the beginning an important part of marriage ceremonies.
For my modern Roses ceremonies, I have chosen the most beautiful mythological places for you.

The first location is the Cycladic islands, where, according to ancient legends, the very first wedding of the world a "Sacred Marriage" - the ancient Greek term "hieros gamos." - Was held between Zeus and Hera, between heaven and earth. (Where was it exactly?, Of course, no one knows. Theories exist that it was possibly on Samos.) That time it was of course not a marriage in terms of a marriage, but a ritual to promote fertility and was probably until the end of the 1st Millennium BC, performed to honor the fertility goddess.

I think the power of myth as energy is immortal and it is, even today!

I trust in the powers of the symbols, they understand the language of the soul, our senses without explanatory words, just about the perception.

                                                                                                   Maria Varga