Church Wedding

" whoever marries ecclesiastic, proves the serous intention of marriage "....

mediterranean church wedding Santorini...


A church wedding is the rally festive marriage . With this divine rituals the togetherness between man and woman forever sealed.

Church wedding in Santrini to time only by Orthodox and the Protestant denominational

under certain conditions possible.

(Catholic marryage to time only for local resident licensed.)

They have the luck marry according to orthodox oder protestant religious affiliation, that

" the fortuna have you kissed " and have the double luck.

The wedding on Santorini it is really something special.  Here support your celebration everything. The sea, the sun, the blue dome, the pink flowers, and the world famous Caldera.

Charismatic Priests, beautifull churche lift your ceremony to sublime.


christian wedding in Rhodes

If they want on Rhodes catholich to get married, we recommend the most beutiful church, Santa Maria. The Priest of Santa Maria is extraordinary personality, the members of the church are internationally, thereby creates an open, happy christian atmosphere. This atmosphere makes also each wedding unique.

After the wedding sholl fotoshooting at sea, accompanied with romantic musik...